Brian McGaughey

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Six years ago, my wife Amy and I, purchased a fixer-upper home in Hampton on a quiet 4 acre parcel at the end of a private road. What we did not realize when we moved in was that on many weekends, we would be treated to free music cascading through the wooded back area of our property. As fate would have it, we soon became aware that is was an old acquaintance of ours, “The Wolfsons”. Compound that with a twenty five year friendship between the Arnolds and Amy & I has led me to volunteer my time to help “Knock-Out” MS.

The power of Music is a magical thing! Combining the enjoyment of music with the ability to raise awareness and hope for those who live with MS on a daily basis is powerful!

Please come and support this amazing event and share with us your enthusiasm for music as well as your passion for making a difference! Inch by inch, dollar by dollar, we all can play a part to conquer this disease.

Let’s make a difference “Together”!


All proceeds benefit the Pennsylvania Keystone Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society

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