Michael “Mitch” Arnold

category: Board of Directors

Michael “Mitch” Arnold

President, Music For MS

Thank you for visiting our website. MuSic for MS began with the notion that those that live with MS should continue to be assisted in their journey in unique and relevant ways. The MS Society has done such a remarkable job of doing just that and our group is simply furthering the cause. A “Roots” Music Festival provides another way to come together as a community to learn and have a bit of fun as we support those living with MS. Music is the universal language and can have the ability to heal and our board is committed to delivering a soulful event that will uplift and inspire all who get involved.

My sister Dorothy has been living with MS for over 20 years and MuSic for MS provides a way for our family and friends to help “Dar” and the many others as they struggle with this mysterious disease.

We thank all those who have participated and encourage others to join us as we continue to “Move Forward Through the Power of Music.”



All proceeds benefit the Pennsylvania Keystone Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society

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