MuSic For MS is Today – weather forecast

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A note about today’s weather forecast:

Music For MS is a “rain or shine” event. The music will continue despite rainfall. Please dress for the weather.

If weather-related conditions occur that threaten the safety of attendees, performers and/or crew, we will temporarily suspend the music. In the event of dangerous lightning the Allegheny County Police will suspend the performance and make an announcement directing attendees to take shelter in their vehicles. A Police vehicle will remain on the lawn with its lights flashing until the Police determine it is safe to return to the lawn. Once the flashing lights are turned off, attendees will be permitted to return to the lawn, and music will resume.

If performance is suspended, we will resume the music in accordance with the times listed on our schedule of events. We have the option of pushing the scheduled ending time a bit later into the evening, and we may take advantage of that option if it is necessary in order to present full sets by Water Seed and Johnny Sketch.
This is Pittsburgh – a little rain is not going to keep us from “Moving Forward Through The Power Of Music.” We hope to see you all on the lawn at Hartwood later today!

All proceeds benefit the Pennsylvania Keystone Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society

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